1. Covers
    String Noise

  2. 1993–1997

  3. The Book of Strange Positions
    String Noise

  4. Basement Hysteria
    PC Worship

  5. Vertigo
    The Necks

  6. Accidental Sky
    White Out with Nels Cline

  7. 222
    Odetta Hartman

  8. Last Year's Savage
    Shilpa Ray

  9. Make Up EP
    Shilpa Ray

  10. Caught on Tape — Full Bleed
    Thurston Moore & John Moloney

  11. Xe

  12. The Northern Spy Records 2014 Catalog Mix

  13. O'Death Friends & Family Vol. 1 & 2

  14. The Natural Order
    Fred Frith and John Butcher

  15. Out Of Hands We Go

  16. Social Rust
    PC Worship

  17. Social Rust
    PC Worship

  18. Claw

  19. Harmonie du soir
    Rhys Chatham

  20. Encyclopedia Of Arto
    Arto lindsay

  21. Locus
    Chicago Underground Duo

  22. Nipomo

  23. Rocks Or Cakes
    cloud becomes your hand

  24. VoyAager
    Aa Big A Little a

  25. Merles Just Wanna Have Fun
    Bryan and the Haggards ft Dr. Eugene Chadbourne

  26. Open
    The Necks

  27. It's All Self Fellatio
    Shilpa Ray

  28. Cinefantastique
    Gary Lucas

  29. Appalachian Excitation
    Arnold Dreyblatt and Megafaun

  30. New Millenium Prayer

  31. Life in the Sugar Candle Mines
    Gerald Cleaver's Black Host

  32. Grain

  33. Your Turn
    Marc Ribot

  34. The Only Way To Go Is Straight Through
    Thurston Moore & Loren Connors

  35. Spirit Signal
    Jenks Miller

  36. Make Memories
    Foot Village

  37. Power Ballads
    Seaven Teares

  38. Bell Trove Spools
    John Butcher

  39. I Wish I Didn't Dream
    Loren Connors

  40. Lost And Found

  41. COL
    Colin Langenus

  42. Score - The Complete Sextet Works: 2002 - 2007

  43. The Backward Path
    Dan Melchior

  44. Kill the Self That Wants to Kill Yourself
    Diamond Terrifer

  45. Kenzo Deluxe
    Chris Forsyth

  46. Kenzo Deluxe
    Chris Forsyth


  48. The Home of Easy Credit
    The Home of Easy Credit

  49. Dream Seeds
    Extra Life

  50. Age of Energy
    Chicago Underground Duo

  51. msg rcvd

  52. Honky Tonk Medusa
    Donovan Quinn

  53. Streets
    Charles Gayle

  54. 33

  55. Hubble Drums

  56. Clandestine Cassette Series # Two

  57. Silent Partner

  58. Catbirds & Cardinals
    Dan Melchior

  59. Split Cassette
    Angels in America / Weyes Blood

  60. XYX
    Spanish Donkey

  61. Infinite Ease/Good God
    Colin Langenus

  62. Outdoor Spell
    Rhys Chatham

  63. Clandestine Cassette Series # One

  64. Teenage And Torture
    Shilpa Ray

  65. R.I.P.

  66. The Warrior
    Jooklo Duo

  67. Eleven Twenty-Nine
    Eleven Twenty-Nine

  68. Metabolism: A Salute to the Energy of the Sun
    Bird Names

  69. Songbook Vol. 1
    Old Time Relijun


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Northern Spy is a Brooklyn-based independent record label formed by former staff of the legendary ESP-Disk’ imprint. As an artist-run label, Northern Spy shines the light on musicians who are tenacious, forward-thinking and making devil-be-damned fine music, while finding substance in the disparate worlds of free improvisation and popular music. ... more

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